Saturday, 14 June 2014

5 natural ways to relieve hay fever.

If I feel the symptoms of hay fever- sore head, dryness in the throat, sneezing or streaming eyes and nose but do not want to subject myself to antihistamine drugs there are some effective things I use to feel better. Give them a try yourself and fall back in love with nature again.

1: Eat local honey
manuka may have powerful antiseptic properties, but there's no beating honey from the local bees to tell give your body a heads up about the pollen around you.

2: Drink herbal teas that reduce inflamation 
peppermint tea and chamomile tea are good examples of teas that work as antiinflammatorys in the body reducing the symptoms of allergy.

3: Go to the beach
there's no pollen in the sea so pay it a visit and let the sea breeze blow the pollen and your cares away.

4: Eucalyptus oil
Put a few drops in an oil burner or a nice bath, or come into dervish for a massage and ask for eucalyptus oil

5:  Alternate nostril breathing.
after clearing your airways with eucalyptus, practice this technique to get rid or headaches and heavy feelings around the sinuses and lift the mind.

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